Propellerhead Record for Reason – another triumph. Is there a lesson here?

9 08 2010

I’ve just had my copy of Record for Reason delivered. I do most of my music production on Reason, and have done since version 1.0 many years ago, around 2002. I started off using a demo version, as I didn’t know how it would measure up to other music systems I’d been using (Sonar, Cubase and – a very long time ago – Mastertracks Pro, which I doubt anyone remembers, but all the Drax stuff was sequenced on it).
Propellerhead, the manufacturers of Reason, got it right as a logical, fun and powerful music production suite. And here’s where they have got it spot on: I am always happy to pay for the upgrades. Upgrades don’t happen that often, less than once per year. When they are released, they are significant, and they are reasonably priced. Every upgrade to Reason brought in a load more functionality. And now we have Record – improvements to Reason AND a complete hard disk audio recording solution, for under 120 quid. OK, so over the years I’ve probably spent about six or seven hundred pounds all told on Reason/upgrades, but that’s over 8 years. I’ve got a lot of music to show for it, and I keep coming back to it.
It’s a bit like coming across an recording artist you really like. You start off with first album or tracks you get to hear. You then dig around for more of what they’ve done, and each new release is a great occasion, so long as they measure up to expectations. It’s about loyalty, and respecting the paying public. I wonder if there’s a lesson here somewhere?

Hello world!

6 08 2010

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