Welcome to the Proven Track Records blog site. Why Proven Track Records? I work with people with experience in a wide range of areas – music, design, law, business development, publishing – and the more I work with them, the more I appreciate how a proven track record in their respective areas makes projects happen.

I’m Charlie Phillips, and I’m a London based music/media lawyer, who worked in and around music for nearly ten years before qualifying.

As well as writing and producing music, my background and education focussed on the Middle East. My first degree was in Egyptology with Akkadian at Oxford University, after which I did a Masters at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, in Modern Middle Eastern Historiography with Anthropology and Arabic. I travelled extensively around the Middle East before and during my studies, and have written a book about my experiences in Egypt (I have a separate blog for this).

My spare time at university was spent writing, producing and performing electronic music, in a two piece electro/dance outfit called Drax. We had quite a bit of success, and I may take a trip down memory lane to share some photos and recordings from this project here. This was essential experience for the early part of my career, as a recording engineer at H20 Studios, now Sphere Studios in Battersea. As well as doing a load of standard recording sessions, vocals etc, we did studio design. Our main clients were Radiohead, and we put together the country house recording studio that resulted in the Kid A and Amnesiac albums. That was a fascinating time, so again, I’ll share some of this here in the coming weeks and months. I do have a few very interesting mementos and stories – including sleeping in Thom Yorke’s bed (after he’d left!)

After H20 I spent about 5 years at Capital Radio, where I became Head of Music for their online and digital DAB radio services. This led to an equivalent music management position at Napster, before I decided that to stay in a world dominated by rights, I needed to qualify up as a solicitor. So, two years at law school, and two years in a London City firm later, I’m qualified, and working as a Legal Advisor for IFPI (International Federation for the Phonographic Industry). I am the London point person for an international performance rights initiative, which keeps me out of trouble. I’ll post the odd link to other people’s commentary on the state of the music industry, but all views published on this site are my own, and not those of IFPI! I do a fair amount of consultancy work too, working with people with proven track records in online PR, data aggregation, magazine publishing, and a number of other areas.

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